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released January 1, 1982

Matt Minglewood- lead vocal, keyboards & guitars
Bobby Woods - drums, percussion, crotales
Don Hann - bass guitar
Enver Sampson Jr - harmonicas & background vocals
George Antoniak - lead guitar & background vocals
Produced by Stacy Heydon
Recorded at Phase One Studios Toronto Remixed at Electric Ladyland Studio, New York



all rights reserved


Matt Minglewood Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Matt Minglewood Band is a musical hybrid, a four member band with one foot steeped in the musical roots of blues and country and the other knee-deep in rock.Their constant touring and high octane live show has earned them the well-deserved reputation of 'down to earth bearers of good will and good times'. ... more

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Track Name: Crossfire
Crossfire (Antoniak)

Standin' on the corner of Infatuation Street
The signs have been removed, and the job was neat
It could have been Love Street, but it's so hard to tell
What's that I see down the road, is that Heartbreak Hotel

I'm caught in a crossfire, got nowhere to turn
I'm caught in a crossfire, I just liable to burn by the flames
And sometimes in the darkness I even breathe on the pane
Tell me Lord what am I going to do
Because I remember
Oh yes I remember, I remember all too well
Track Name: Endless Nights
Endless Nights (Antoniak/Dunn)

Every time I take a look
Down on the street
There's a thousand pretty women
All lookin' so sweet

But you know that it means
Nothing to me
Cause I got the love I need
And she's everything to me

I can trace it back
To when we first met
Yes something about her
Just made me forget

All about those others
Well you know there's been a few
But none could take away
The memory of you
And those:

Endless nights
Of being alone
Those Endless Nights
All seemed so cold
Those Endless Nights
Are all but a thing of the past

Yes I know just what you've been thru
From the heartaches to the let downs
And the loves that weren't true
But rest assured in your heart
That all that will mend
With the love that you find
Only one thing will end
It's those

Track Name: Long Hard Climb to the Bottom
Long Hard Climb To The Bottom (Minglewood)

I heard people say it's a long hard climb to the top
They talk about working, struggling, and never being able to stop
About the high-class blues, they'll all tell you they've got 'em
But I'm here to say it's a long hard climb to the bottom

On your first step down, you'll meet your friend the bottle
He'll start you off easy and then he'll open the throttle
You'll reach the point where you'll wonder why you ever sought him
But he's now your friend and he'll be there when you reach the bottom

Leaves are green and the sky is blue how'd this thing ever happen to you
You think about your misery and you wallow in despair
You reach for a friend and a friend is there, you've seen him before so you let him in
He's that great big bottle of gin

On your next step down you'll tell yourself it's nothing
When she says she's going to leave you, you tell yourself she's bluffing
You've had your spring, the summer is through and it's starting to feel like autumn
You just took your next step on your long hard climb to the bottom

By the time you reach step four, boy, you can't deny it
Cause everything they offer you, you're going to try it
Just when you think your pain is forgotten
You just took your last step on your long hard climb to the bottom
Track Name: Till the Next Dream
Till The Next Dream (Antoniak/Dunn)

Straight ahead I saw the light
Or was it just imagination,
You stood at your door
With a smile on your face
All to my fascination

I've been here before
But how could you know
I've had the same dreams in the night
But maybe this time I'll be all right
When I hold out my arms
You won't fade out of sight
You'll stay in the light

What 'll I do?
Till the Next Dream comes along
How can I go on?
Till the Next Dream comes along
How will it be?
When the Next Dream comes along
How can I go on?
Till the Next Dream

Out of reach, you seem so real
I swear that I could almost hold you
When truth comes in sight
And you've taken flight
And now I'm out in the cold
So many times I've reached out this way
And came back empty-handed
I'm still alone and have yet to be shown
How to hold back my tears
And find the strength to go on
After you're gone
Track Name: Runaway
(Matt Minglewood)

Out on the highway all alone
Gonna try and make it on your own
You're just a kid but you're getting old
Too many years out in the cold
Your daddy doesn't know your name
Your mommy's taking all the blame
She drinks too much and she's never home
Pack your bags and hit the road

Now you're a Runaway
Yes, you're a Runaway
Runaway from everything you've known
Runaway, yeah you're a Runaway
Runaway and you're not even grown
Yes, you're a Runaway

You wish the cops would come and say
Gonna' take you home today
But you know the cops will never come
They won't even know you're on the run
So keep your face turned to the wind
Take every shot on the chin
Just when you think you've had enough
That's when it all gets rough

Now you're a Runaway
Yes, you're a Runaway
Runaway from everything you've known
Runaway, yeah you're a Runaway
Runaway from all those years
Runaway from all those tears
Runaway and you're not even grown
Yes, you're a Runaway
Track Name: Behind the Wheel
Behind the Wheel (Antoniak)

Put up the paper and check out the news
Turn on your TV if you're looking for blues
Maybe I'm mistaken someone's going to unload
With the fuse getting shorter, something's bound to explode

So now's the time to make it right
Get behind the wheel we'll be living right
With your heart on the throttle and your eyes on the road
Get behind the wheel and we'll all share the load

Look in the future, no one seems in control
Someone's in your pocket checking deep in your soul
We've got to stand together with out backs against the wall
Cause the only chance to make it means we've all got to haul (together)
Track Name: The Rumour
(Matt Minglewood)

There's a rumour goin' round this town
That I might not survive
A man can only take so much of this
And I might be buried alive

There may be no explanation
It must be person's unknown
It really doesn't matter who they hurt
Somehow they can take that on their own

Maybe it's just what it appears to be
People talkin' 'bout you and me
Could it be that they're the jealous kind
And spreading rumours gives them peace of mind

Why don't they put it on the radio
Why don't they give it to the news
Let True Confessions put in the rag
Because it can't be true

There may be no foundation
Who cares if right is right
Well it seems that their only obligation
Is to their own delight
Track Name: High Society Kind
High Society Kind (Minglewood, Henderson, Antoniak)

Amsterdam was a bummer, I dreamed of you every night
Morocco was a drag, cause you weren't there
On my way to London, I missed my champagne flight
When I arrived, my chauffeur wasn't there

I called you up from Paris but I did not find you in
My cherries jubilee tasted mighty bland
On the flight from Stockholm city, I spilled my Chivas Regal
How I get these blues is easy to understand

When I awoke I found out I was only dreaming
But if I have to have the blues, I want the High Society kind
Cause I was down on my luck, tired broke and screaming
If I got to have the blues, I want the High Society kind

When I got back home, my Cadillac wouldn't start
Somebody ripped the top off my brand new jaguar
My swimming pool is polluted; I am never going to be the same
These High Society Blues are such a drag
Track Name: Can't Live Without Your Love
Can't Live Without Your Love (Dunn)

You can drive a man right out of his mind
Who knows better than me
I got all I can do to hang on to my sanity
You're the one who's always going out of control
Spinning my world around
But you don't have to worry because I won't let it get me down
In fact I'm going to make the best of a situation
Cause I'd rather be with you than without
Don't you know that I can live with
All the crazy things you say and do
I can live with all the hard times you put me through
I can live with almost anything but one thing I'll tell you is true

I can't live without your love
I wouldn't want to do it
I can't live without your love
I'd never make it through it

I can be a beggar man but one thing's sure
I can never be a millionaire, it's sad but it's true
That's okay because I really don't care
I'll just have to spend my life doing without
All the things money can buy
I'll take what I can get but you're never going to see me cry
In fact I'd rather be with you than without
I can live without the jaguar and the penthouse too
I can live without the indoor swimming pool
I can live with almost anything but one thing I'll tell you is true