Minglewood Band

by Matt Minglewood

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Matt Minglewood lead vocals, guitar & organ
Enver Sampson Jr lead & background vocals, harmonicas
Donn Hann bass
Bob Woods drums
Paul Dunn piano, background vocals
Mark MacMillan guitar
Produced by Claire Lawrence
Additional Musicians: Claire Lawrence sax, Terry Edmonds guitar, Shari Ulrick background vocals, Nancy Nash background vocals


released January 1, 1979



all rights reserved


Matt Minglewood Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Matt Minglewood Band is a musical hybrid, a four member band with one foot steeped in the musical roots of blues and country and the other knee-deep in rock.Their constant touring and high octane live show has earned them the well-deserved reputation of 'down to earth bearers of good will and good times'. ... more

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Track Name: Rockin' The Blues
Rockin' The Blues ( Minglewood/Henderson)

It was quite a sight, coming out of the night
I was greeting the cold, cold dawn
I thought at the time, that the thin white line
Would bring me back to my swan
But oh I was wrong and now this song
Is a song of a broken heart
It makes me sad because all that I had
Was love for that girl from the start

Now I'm back on the road again
Singing a sad, sad song again
Hooked on the white pills
My head's in the sky
Rockin' the blues till I die
Rockin' the blues till I die

Forty-five cities in 51 days
I ain't had a sleep in a week
Now it's back in the track
Before I hit the sack
I hope I don't spring a leak

This rock and roll is making me old
But I've got something to prove
From the bottom to the top
You'll never see me stop
Now that I'm on the move

Rockin' the blues
Rockin' the blues
Rockin' the blues
Rockin' the blues
Rockin' the blues till I die
Track Name: Ain't What it Use to Be
Ain't What It Use To Be (Matt Minglewood)

Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way to get under it
I can't get through to you
Guess I'll have to get over you
You took me in on a rainy day
Sun begin to shine
We had a sweet arrangement
I laid it all on the line

But now there ain't no use in me denying
No it ain't, no it ain't what it use to be
Cause I saw you last night and you were crying
Not for you, not for you but for me

Ain't no way to fight it
It's too late to right it
I'd better try and forget it
I know I'll always regret it
You took me out of my misery
Girl you broke my fall
I'm right back where you found me baby
In a bottle of alcohol


Now I'm drunk, I'm blind drunk, as I can be
Pass that bottle, pass that bottle
Give it here to me, yeah, yeah, yeah
Track Name: Whiz Kids
Whiz Kids (Matt Minglewood)

Whiz kids, Lord knows it
They sure like to rock n' roll
Everybody knows it
Whiz kids, shake it up
They like to loose their whole control
Everybody knows it

They like to shoot, bang, pop those rock n' roll pills
Guaranteed to positively cure your ills
If the band isn't jumping well that's all right
Cause the nightriders coming
He going to get your blood running
Don't you know he'll be gunning
To hit you right on time

Look here sister, with your skinned popped blister
I know you like to rock n' roll
Well I ain't gonna cool ya, I don't want to fool ya
Your dreams are in your own control
You know the rush you get today
You know the price you'll have to pay
Still you say it's only temporary
You quit it before, you think you'll quit it again
But right now you want to set your soul free
Track Name: Long Way from Texas
Long Way From Texas (Matt Minglewood)

We're a long way from Texas, a long way from San Antoine
Ain't got no Mississippi Delta man slappin' out the blues at home
Way out in Nova Scotia still the blues won't leave us alone

You got you Cape Breton coal miner digging for coal
Trying to make a living in a dark wet hole
When the eagle flies the blues begin to flow
Well there ain't no way around it
He's got the blues running over his soul

Four in the morning the wind begins to blow
Men are in the boats getting ready to go
Just one thing a Newfoundland fisherman has got to know
If he ain't too careful, the deep blue will take him body and soul

Too many people walking around
No money in their pockets
Well they ain't got no steady job
They do all they got to hock it
They get by until the pokey money comes through
Well it's down right depressing but what else can he do


Blues won't leave us alone
No, the blues won't leave us alone
Track Name: Can't You See
Intro To Can't You See (Matt Minglewood)

This is definitely a song about loneliness.
Let just say a farm boy from well, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
He might feel that he should do something different than his daddy did.
Farming, fishing, coal mining, you know what I mean
Not that he's not proud of his daddy but the big city has a way of luring a country boy.

He would not be there all too long before he got himself a pretty good job, you know what I mean
A factory somewhere, might even work himself up to be foreman someday, you can never tell
That still don't help his loneliness. See a man like that needs a good woman
Oh, he could find himself a woman pretty quick all right. Some city girls like the way a country boy would treat them
They would get themselves an apartment, you know on the 25th floor, apartment 2505
You know what I mean. They would live real well there for quite some time. He'd be bringing home the big bucks
It would be a year maybe when he'd be coming home from a couple hours of overtime
He 'd be making that long anxious walk down that short corridor, go in that door and then he'd see it, that note, you know the kind of note I mean, Dear John, I'm gone
A man like that would have his whole world fall down in front of his face
He'd find himself at 4 o'clock in the morning down at the nearest railroad station.
He don't really care where he goes. He don't really want to go home to Cape Breton yet.
Something about country boys
They don't like to go home a failure, you know what I mean.

Can't You See (Toy Caldwell)

Gonna take a freight train, down at the station Lord
I don't care where it goes
Gonna climb a mountain, the highest mountain, Lord
I might jump right off, ain't nobody going to know

Can't you see
Can't you see
What that woman's
Been doing to me

I'm gonna find me a hole in the wall
I might crawl inside and die
Because that lady, mean old woman Lord
Never had the guts to say good-bye


Do it to me


Can't you see
Oh such a crazy mama lady
She's gonna drive me crazy
Gonna take a freight train
Way down at the station Lord
I ain't never comin back
Gonna ride that eastbound
Take it all the way to Cape Breton Island
Where the train runs out of track
Yeah, where the train runs out of track
Track Name: Patriot Game
Patriot Game (Dominic Behan)

Come all you young rebels & list while I sing
For the love of one's country is a dangerous thing
For it banishes fear like the speed of a flame
And it makes us all part of the Patriot Game

My name is O'Hanlan and I've just gone 16
My home is in Mahnagh, that's where I was weaned
I've read about heroes and I wanted the same
Just to play out my part in the Patriot's Game

Been nearly two years since I wandered away
With the local battalion of the bold IRA
I gave up my boyhood just to drill and to train
And to play out my part in the Patriot's Game

And now as I lie here, my body all holes
Well I think of those traitors who bargained and sold
And I wish that my rifle had given the same
To those Quislings, those low down quislings
Who sold out my Patriot Game.