The Promise

by Matt Minglewood

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released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Matt Minglewood Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Matt Minglewood Band is a musical hybrid, a four member band with one foot steeped in the musical roots of blues and country and the other knee-deep in rock.Their constant touring and high octane live show has earned them the well-deserved reputation of 'down to earth bearers of good will and good times'. ... more

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Track Name: Some Day I'm Gonna Ride in a Cadilac
Some day I'm gonna ride in a Cadillac
Gonna roll on up to these big white gates
In a long one, shiny and black
Gonna buy me a one way ticket
I ain't comin back
Some day I'm gonna ride in a Cadillac

Well I never had no fancy cars
No I never had no money for that
Most the time is all I can do
Just to keep from sinking fast
Well in this life, there are no guarantees
But I'll tell you this little fact
When they come and take me from this world
I'm gonna go in a Cadillac


Well they say you got to work real hard
Just to get the things that you want
Some things are so far out of reach
And it's tough enough on what you got
But I know I'll never be rich and fat
I know that's a fact
When they come to take me from the world
I'm gonna go in a Cadillac


When I take that final ride
Down that last, lonely mile
Don't shed no tears for me
I'll be where I want to be
Lying in back of that Cadillac

Track Name: Last Chance Highway
Snake eyes, oh they could never be more clearer
Then those dice, dangling from my rear view mirror
Don't need a road sign I know this place
Those cruel eyes staring me in the face
It's just as it should be on this road was meant for me

Heading down that last chance highway
Roll the dice and it's one more try
If it don't work out my way
Won't be the first time I've seen snake eyes

How long have I been chasing shadows through the moonlight
And what dawn could break this spell upon the night
I'd love to close my eyes
But if I did the sun would never rise
On this damn old highway, oh this highway


I've lost count of all my tries
All my old friends, yes they're riding with me now
So those of you who tried and tried
Who just couldn't make it out here no how
And if I share their fate, on the roadside I will wait
To hitch a ride with the next fool who comes on
This last chance highway

Don't need a road sign to know this place
With those cruel eyes staring me in the face
It's just as it should be
On this road was meant to be

Track Name: The Promise
The Promise (Matt Minglewood)

I'm gonna saddle up that young chestnut stallion
Cause I know he can run like the wind
Across the desert, the pass through the mountains
Yes that horse of mine might be my only friend
He never lies to me the way that you do dear
When I let him go he stands right by my side
And that's more than I can ever say about you
So I guess I'll just get on his back and ride

Take our picture in the frame down from the counter
Let out soul and your memories speak
As I ride through the night I will remember
The Promise that you made that you just could not keep

On a high ridge many miles from the city
Far away your bright lights they shine
And now the chestnut he's tired and he's so weary
But somehow I know he'll take me to the end of the line


The Promise that you make that you just could not keep
Track Name: Where Does Love Go
Where Does Love Go (Bogard/Giles)

There's a photograph in a gold frame on the mantle
That I've never seen two people more in love
What a stark contrast to the picture of us standing
On the edge of giving in and giving up

Something so real, just don't disappear
If it goes away, it must go somewhere
Till we find the answer, we've got to hold on
Where does love go when it's gone
Where does love go when it's gone

Life's a long highway and there's a lot of hiding faces
And there's time we've both thought of finding one
But there ain't no way we're giving up forever
It's like saying now there won't be a rising sun


Where does love go when it's gone
It must go somewhere
Track Name: You Win Again
You Win Again (Hank Williams)

The news is out, all over town
That you've been seen, out runnin' round
I know that I should leave but then
Just can't go you win again

This heart of mine could never see
What everybody knew but me
Just trusting you was my great sin
What can I do you win again

I'm sorry for you're different now
Soon his head like mine will bow
He'll give his heart but all in vain
And someday say you win again

You have no heart, you have no shame
But take true love then you give the blame
I guess that I should not complain
I love you still, you win again
Track Name: Let Somebody Else Drive
Let Somebody Else Drive (Vickery/Kilgore)

I heard it on the radio, the 6 o'clock news
Don't you be driven when you get on the booze
The sheriff's on the TV waving his hand
We're really cracking down boy you better understand

When you get on the whiskey
When you get on the whiskey
When you get on the whiskey
You better let someone else drive

I started drinkin' on Friday and by Sunday night
Had me blowing in a tube charged with DUI
Cuffed, booked and thrown in a cell
Try to sober up, just telling myself


Forty-eight hours is a long time to kill
In a room full of drunks surrounded by steel
Hell is all they serve in this here metro bar
Don't be drinkin' and drivin' in a car


When you get on the whiskey
Let some other fool drive
Track Name: Runaway
(Matt Minglewood)

Out on the highway all alone
Gonna try and make it on your own
You're just a kid but you're getting old
Too many years out in the cold
Your daddy doesn't know your name
Your mommy's taking all the blame
She drinks too much and she's never home
Pack your bags and hit the road

Now you're a Runaway
Yes, you're a Runaway
Runaway from everything you've known
Runaway, yeah you're a Runaway
Runaway and you're not even grown
Yes, you're a Runaway

You wish the cops would come and say
Gonna' take you home today
But you know the cops will never come
They won't even know you're on the run
So keep your face turned to the wind
Take every shot on the chin
Just when you think you've had enough
That's when it all gets rough

Now you're a Runaway
Yes, you're a Runaway
Runaway from everything you've known
Runaway, yeah you're a Runaway
Runaway from all those years
Runaway from all those tears
Runaway and you're not even grown
Yes, you're a Runaway
Track Name: Country Boy Getting Ready to Rock
Country Boy Gettin' Ready To Rock (Matt Minglewood)

I was born in the howling wind on a mountaintop
They said when I hit the ground the wind it stopped
And the rain came down and washed my fears away
Burning sun, turned my fears to clay
That's why I'm not afraid to say
I'm a country boy

Brought up tough on the country stuff it's true
You learn to do it all before you're through
Do the things your daddy did for years
Rounding steers, jamming gears, no time for tears
That's why I'm not ashamed to say
I'm a country boy

I'm a country boy, got nothin' to hide
Saddle or bare back, I'm ready to ride
Good times and troubles, no time to talk
This country boys getting' ready to rock

The music always grabbed my by the soul
Country blues and good old rock and roll
I'll always be a country boy it seems
I have heard the boogie in my dreams
That's why I've just got to say
I'm gonna' rock

Track Name: You're Not Drinking Enough
You're Not Drinking Enough (Kortchmar)

I can see that you have not recovered from the girl who let you down
You'd sell what's left of your story for another go round
Keep telling yourself she means nothing
Well maybe you should call her bluff
But if you don't really mean it
You must not be drinking enough

The perfume she wears you can buy down at the five and dime
But on some other woman it don't smell the same in your mind
You keep telling yourself you can take it
You tell yourself that you're tough
But if you still want to hold her
You must not be drinking enough

You're not drinking enough, to wash away old memories
Well there ain't enough whiskey in the state of Texas
To keep you from bending down on your knees
She passed on your passion; she stepped on your pride
Oh it turns out you ain't quite so tough
Cause you still want to hold her
So you must not be drinking enough

I yi, yi ask yourself why
If you still want to hold her
You must not be drinking enough
If you still want to hold her
You must not, oh you can't be
No you just can be drinking enough
Track Name: Canjun Stars
Cajun Stars (B. Cleghorn)

He had 25 years tucked under his belt, along with a magnum 44
For the trouble he might find running pappies shine
Little did he know what laid in store
In an all night honky tonk down in Louisiana
The last run that he ever made
His pappy still wondering where he ever got to
But first of all he's wondering why he's stayed

All I can say it must have been the Cajun Lady
Along with the wine and a soft guitar
He fell in love with his Cajun Lady
Finally captured by the Cajun Stars

He'd been tougher than a coonhound
No one could slow him down
No one could ever change his ways
Just like a man of steel when he's behind the wheel
Of his 1967 Chevrolet
Everybody thought he'd be working pappy's still
Until the law put him in the ground
If they could only see, they would never believe
That it was love that finally brought him down

Track Name: Rockin' My Redneck Live Away
Rockin' My Redneck Life Away (Minglewood/Oakley)

Rockin' down the road in an old Cadillac
We got girls in the front, we got woman in the back
Half a tank of gas and a full case of liquor
I wonder which one is going to get us there quicker
Line poles passing like a picket fence
It ain't hard to tell we ain't got no sense
Rockin' and rollin' our redneck lives away

That crazy Karen hollered out to old Willie Blue
She said "Hey big rooster can you cock and doodle do"
Big rooster crowed "hey little chick indeed
Come on and do a little cluck with me"
Down at the chicken shack, honkin' and a drinkin'
Cops outside with red lights ablinkin'

Rockin' and rollin out redneck lives away
Boogie-woogie and blues guitar
Honky tonkin' in all night bars
Jerry Lee Lewis got me all out of breadth
It's so much fun it scares me to death

Now meet me at the hotel 7 forty-nine
Down at the corner of South and Vine
And we can bebop-a-lou until the sun comes up
Steal a drink or two from the lovin' cup
Too much pleasure might bring us some pain
In a head on collision while living in the fast lane


Rockin' and rollin' our redneck lives away
Rockin' and rollin' our redneck lives away
Rockin' and rollin' our redneck lives away
Rockin' and rollin' our redneck lives away
Track Name: Working Man
Working Man (Rita McNeil)

Coal miners, old and young, dirty and dusty coveralls
Silver lunch can in hand
Going down the rake, father and son
Carrying on that age old tradition
You see they are working men

It's a working man I am and I've been down underground
And I swear by God if I ever see the sun
Over any length of time, I can hold it in my mind
Then I will never again go down underground

At the age of sixteen years, he quarreled with his peers
And he swears there will never be another on
In the dark recess of the mine, where you age before your time
And the coal dust lies heavy on your lungs


At the age of sixty-four, if he lives that long, he'll greet you at the door
And he'll gently lead you by the arm
In the dark recess of the mine, he can take you back in time
Tell you of the hardships that were there


No, I never again will go down underground